Project Surprise!

With this summer comes free time, for the first time in a long time I have a summer where I'm not locked to my computer 24/7 trying to meet extremely short deadlines for school. It gives me the opportunity to work on projects I have wanted to start for a long time but never had the ability to. I'm starting a few new collections to round out my portfolio, and am embarking on a little new adventure that it going to be both challenging and time consuming before I have to buckle down and start on my Senior Thesis Project. 

Starting today I am going to be making my first ever corset. To those who aren't familiar with what goes in to creating a garment, it takes a series of steps. If you're like me you usually want to have an image sketched out of a basic idea on what you want the garment to look. You take measurements, you roll out drafting paper and you begin with very basic shapes, blocking out your work space and basically making the blueprints for your garment. Having never made a corset before I researched long and hard till I found a starting point I'm satisfied with. Pictured below.

As you can see this is one of my working copies, it has provided me with some measurements already, but because I'm not using this exactly as provided I will be making some edits. The corset  I'm making is inspired by the ocean, I will be creating it with a blue-grey coutil fabric and embellished with various sized pearls in cream, white, soft pink and a soft teal. More updates coming soon, if you'd like to make your own long line corset please click on the image it expands and feel free to download. They don't have seam allowances yet but it is blocked already for one inch increments. 


This is the draft I have so far, like I said I at the moment only have expanded the basic outline of the pattern pieces. I am going to be making an over-bust style with a teardrop cut out in the front which will be eliminating the use of a busk. Please stay tuned as this project unfolds!

Please let me know what type of corset you would make with this pattern, what project should I do next? let me know in the comments below!

Brazil 2015

It is time to introduce you to one of my costume design projects!

So we were given an UNLIMITED imaginative budget to create our ultimate movie cast, costumes, set, really the skies the limit on two movies. We had to choose between The Bachelorette or Brazil. Now I had never heard of Brazil before, and for those of you who haven't  its about this guy named Sam Lowry who is a harried technocrat in a futuristic society that is needlessly convoluted and inefficient. He dreams of a life where he can fly away from technology and overpowering bureaucracy, and spend eternity with the woman of his dreams. While trying to rectify the wrongful arrest of another man named Harry Buttle,, Lowry ends up meeting the woman he is always chasing in his dreams, Jill Layton. Meanwhile, the bureaucracy has fingered him responsible for a rash of terrorist bombings, and both Sam and Jill's lives are put in danger. Now this movie was originally made in the 1980s, so of course being myself I gave it a make over and set it for our dreamlike future, Think The Hunger Games Capitol meets 1984.