Travel Checklist - Pet Edition

Good Morning Lovelies!

I wanted to do a follow up from last Monday on traveling, specifically on our furry little friends! Most of us have pets, they are a staple in most families and provide us with never ending laughs, love and good memories who make the best road trip companions. So just like you have essentials, your furry baby has some essentials that you should not forget when heading out on that road trip. Below you'll find a quick list of times to pack your furry companion before you hit the road!

1. Vaccination Records

You should always keep a copy of your baby's vaccination records in your furry loves duffle bag. Just incase that emergency does arise once you're on the road you will have the important info you desperately need. You will also need these records if you ever need to board your buddy for the day or overnight if you end up taking an excursion that furry buddies aren't allowed to partake in. It's also good to check ahead if their are any additional vaccination requirements for any countries you may be visiting. You don't want to show up and have your bud be denied entry (or worse) because you don't have the records.

2. Collar & Leash

Mainly applying to the furry butt dog owners, we always need to remember that taking our pups out of the car for bathroom breaks must include a secured collar and being leashed. When you're out on the road you're bringing your pup into foreign territory which means new smells for your adventurer to discover that are oh so hard to resist. We'd better be safe than sorry no matter how well your explorer is trained.

3. Tags


This goes hand in hand with having a collar and leash. You will never want your furry friend to get lost, and they would never want to lose you! But accidents do happen. So be sure that he has a current tag on a collar/harness or both with a current emergency number. Most people travel with a cell phone, making this the perfect number for your baby's tags.

4. First Aid Kit

Something to consider to be permanently in your car, just like you the furry ones can get hurt as well. Today there are a number of pet only emergency kits in the market and if you happen to have the time, you can even put together your own catered to your pets needs. Some basic essentials to include are: tweezers to remove ticks and foreign objects, stypic powder to stop toenail bleeding, eye wash to flush wounds, gauze bandages, adhesive tape, scissors and antiseptic moist wipes.

5. Food & Water

Be sure to bring your furry companion their favorite food so as not to upset their stomach. If you have the spending money you can also get road-worthy food and treats that also take up less space if this is an issue. If you are one of the people who like to cook for your pet remember to make the food ahead of time and pack along with any goodies for yourself. Remember, your pet is used to the water from your hometown, when travelling its a good idea to bring along as much of your home drinking water as you can for their comfort. If push comes to shove you can rely on bottled water as a safe back-up.

6. Seat Covers & Blankets

Vacations are suppose to be fun! But sometimes with fun comes muddy paws and soaked through fur which we all know cleaning up is not fun. Protect your seats with covers and blankets that are made specifically for your type of auto. You'll want to be proactive: don't forget to always carry some additional towels and wipes to clean off that muddy adventurer.

7. Safety Restraints

Something I learned recently is that some states seat belts are now mandatory for your pup. Then when you sit and really think about your best friend as a projectile from being free in your car in case of an accident, you begin to understand the wisdom of securing your baby to keep both of you safe. Do your research and pick the best option for you and your friend to have a safe and fun ride.

                                                                                               8. Bed & Crate

You can't leave home without your furry companions favorite blankie and bed! You wouldn't want him sleeping on the guest bed..or maybe you actually would? Also bring some sheets, too, so if your fuzzy butt is accustomed to sleeping on the furniture he won't leave a scruff of a sign behind. If like my pup your pet is crate trained and has his own little den then you may just want to bring that along for his security and good night sleeps.

9. Fun Stuff

Who could forget toys!! If you have a nervous nelly as a pet when they stay away from home, you can help ease their discomfort by bringing as many toys as that little guy could stand. The familiar smells, his favorite chew toy, will help calm even the most anxious of pets in a strange place.

10. Double-Check Hotel Reservations

So you have everything packed, you're settled, the furry baby is ready and excited to go and you're just about ready to hop in that car and hit the road. Stop, call your hotel/s and confirm your reservation/s for you and the furry buddy. Nothing can kill a trip more like a newly implemented "no pets allowed" policy added since you made your reservation that went unchecked.

I hope you find the list helpful with your furry travels, what type of pet do you have and what can they not live without while traveling?