Wishlist #1

Hello Lovelies!

So I have seen this topic pop up a few times around the blogosphere. While I have been attempting to stir away from it, (simply because I didn't want to tempt myself!) I simply cannot hold back my dreams any longer of wanting these beautiful objects.

1. Photography Studio Lighting/Equipment | Skaeser/Amazon | /€54/$76

While I agree with many, many people that natural lighting is the best lets all be completely honest here. Sometimes natural lighting just isn't an option! wether you just ran out of time during the day for photographs, you blog at night like me, the weather isn't in your favor, etc.  So why not simply fake it? Soft boxes created an amazing glow to your photographs that create a great copy of natural lighting. Hopefully one day I can invest in this and an actual blank slate of a backdrop at one point!

2. White Marble Covers | Uniqfind | $25

So the marble craze has been popular for a bit now, I first fell in love with it when I stumbled upon an instagram photo of a girls nails. It's gorgeous, chic, and makes a great background object to liven up your photos. Plus who doesn't like a study and trendy cover for your iPad/laptop?

3. Allswell Notebook | Allswell | $21

You may be asking, Why does she want to spend $21 on a notebook? well good question lovelies! it's because this notebook is EVERYTHING. Allswell notebooks are made in America out of 100% recycled materials which appeals to the environmentalist in me. Not to mention it's a rare find to find a notebook that has a blank page and a lined page combined for me to not only sketch out what I just can't get in words but also write my blog ideas, brainstorm and just work out what I am going to share with all of you amazing people!

4. Olympus Pen | Olympus | $700

This want is harder to explain because I already have a camera, a great professional camera, but at the same time it's huge and hard to carry around all the time. This camera is gorgeous, it's more acceptable for travel, it has a great lens option and great specs. This camera is just GORGEOUS and I need it, I want it, I feel like a giddy 5 year old when I see it.

5. Geometric Terrarium | Etsy | $68

Another trendy item that I've seen in my office wish list searches. If you guys have gotten to know me a bit, you know that I love chic, modern, geometric and minimalist designs. This diamond terrarium is amazing. I can have air plants, I can create a gorgeous crystal garden, it's versatile and also a great prop for blog posts.

6. Fuji Instax Mini 8 N-White | Amazon | $69

The polaroid camera craze has come in and out a couple times in my lifetime and I have always loved them. There's something so amazing about instant gratification photographs that just print right into your hands immediately unedited and raw. Not to mention this camera is so CUTE, gah!!

7. White Wood Tray | Etsy | $79

Ridiculously over priced and in need of shopping around for a different one. I have seen bloggers use all sorts of trays as props to fill the negative space in their pictures and wanted something rustic. This specific tray has character and just love that its reclaimed wood.

What is on your summer wishlist? Let me know in the comment section below!