Silk & Salt

Hello Lovelies!

Last month the fashion blogger community site Silk & Salt reached out to me about their new and young start-up. Silk & Salt is a unique blogger platform specifically designed for bloggers and blog readers. Much like bloglovin' they make it easier for you to follow your favorite blogs and read them all in one convenient location. What is so great about Silk & Salt? well they bring a minimalistic and fashionable designed platform that includes numerous features such as an international audience base, blog statistics and much more. 

Silk and Salt originated in Germany, and because of such some of the features aren't entirely translated into English when it comes to reading. They provide some really awesome features which allows you to republish your blog posts every four hours. It informs you of how many people your blog has reached how many likes and how many followers you have in a convenient sidebar. 

Besides the super easy interface and convenience when you sign up they give you suggestions of blogs you may like based on your own interests! they aim to connect readers with blogs they enjoy and have yet to discover. Not to mention they have an awesome team who truly aim to help you and make you have an excellent experience. 

Click Here if you wanna go give the site a quick check and see how the site works.

As well as click Here to see a short video they provided me to get some impressions of this site. 

This is an entirely unsponsored post. I still use my Bloglovin' platform which I've had since the start, but incase you are looking for something different or are curious about other blogger community platforms like me head on over and check it out.


Jessica xx