New Year New You

New Beginnings

Six years ago, I was fresh out of High School, unable to decide what career path I ultimately wanted to end up in. I remember it being a weird time in my life - moving from adolescence  into the real world, trying to decide what path to take. I was sitting in my dorm one day ready to dive into a course load of work for psychology, when I realized my heart just wasn't fully in it anymore. From that tiny little dorm I made one of the biggest, hardest, and craziest changes I've ever made. Finally, after a few tear filled phone calls with my family, some very lonely nights and a lot of hard decisions I was able to change my entire life.

Although, now, sometimes I go a little crazy, want to rip my hair out, and question what I got myself into, I set myself on what has been a very long, demanding, extremely difficult, but incredibly rewarding road which has lead to me finishing my Senior year as a Fashion Design major at an art school in San Francisco. 


I have immersed myself in a completely different lifestyle. I traded in typing papers and studying the human mind for sewing garments, accessorizing and styling my own photo shoots. I began to experience a certain sort of euphoria when I looked from concept, to sketch, to final project, and felt proud to say "I made that!" From that point on, I started to realize that a chubby girl like me, can find success in a size 2 world. 

So after running out of excuses as to why I SHOULDN'T write this blog, and talking to a dear friend named Victoria (my sarcastic genius bff), I decided that its now or never. I want to completely submerse myself into every aspect of this fashion world, and find my voice beyond designing and the craziness of design projects, coupled with sleep deprivation. 

This blog is my outlet, to share my ideas and thought processes, while keeping my sanity in check over the fast paced world I'm entering into. So as I enter my Senior year and begin to experience the real world, I decided it would be fun to start "the chic life", my personal blog about being stylish, finding inspiration, and living your life for your passion. Here we go.