Rocksbox Review 2.0

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you had a safe and fun weekend! For those of you in the United States Happy belated 4th! may your weekend have been spent with friends/family and enjoying lovely fireworks! Today I wanted to review my second ever Rocksbox.

Now I had originally joined Rocksbox on a free month trial. After I had received my first box I saw a selection they had styled together that I really liked and had in fact requested hoping to use them in an OOTD post. Sadly they didn't take my request into consideration and sent me three different pieces. 

This box included the Gorjana Taner interlocking small cuff, the SLATE pearl triangle studs and the Moon & Lola Rose Hill Bangle in Gold/Black. While I like each piece individually I wish that the company would tailor each box to a complete look. These three are viable options (my favorite being the cuff) I wouldn't think to put them together. While I tried to style them together, it just wasn't working.

This Moon & Lola bangle while I initially thought was adorable is probably my least favorite in this box. While it's great for layering bracelets it's almost too simple for my liking on my wrist. I gave up the multiple bangle trend awhile ago, however if you're looking for a quick elegant simple bracelet you can find this for $56.

These SLATE studs are a simple, geometric gold mine. There are great if you have multiple piercings in your ears which allows you to layer your ears in a matter of speak. They are understated neutral beauties that are moderately priced at $44.

The final piece and by far the most expensive ($112) is the Gorjana Taner Interlocking Small Cuff. The cuff is simple with its gold plating hammered detailing, its large enough so that it can be a statement piece and can be styled through many outfits easily. My personal taste likes bracelets that can stand on their own without being ostentatious By far the best piece offered in this box.  

This box I must save was a bit of a disappointment, it's also my last rocksbox now that my trial has ended which is as equally disappointing. They are a great concept if you're like me and you don't have much time to shop. for $19/month you get as many boxes as you can handle, wear risk free for as long as you like and have the option to buy if you so choose, otherwise just pack it up and send it back with the prepaid return shipping label. However I will not be renewing, with limited funds even $19 isn't something I can afford when I'm too tempted to buy the jewelry pieces!

I'd just like to remind everyone that this is not a sponsored post, this is not an advertisement for Rocksbox and all reviews of these products are my own. 

What subscription box should I try next? Do you like review posts? let me know in the comment section below!

[9] OOTD

It's beginning to feel like summer here and with summer comes hot days, sunbathing, trips to the beach and light and breathable clothing. In honor of the changing of the seasons I decided to dress for the occasion and break out my light and airy comfortable clothes.





How did you celebrate the beginning of summer? How do you like this look? How do you enjoy the OOTD series every wednesday/thursday? Please comment below and let me know!

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 8.36.21 PM.png

Rocksbox Unboxing/Review

So today I had received my first ever Rocksbox in the mail. What is Rocksbox you may ask? well it's a monthly subscription service dedicated specifically to jewelry. You first take a quick simple survey so their stylists can get an idea of what exactly your taste is and then send you a 3-piece box of jewelry averaging around $200 to wear on loan. You of course are able to purchase any of the jewelry from the box and anything you don't plan on keeping simply pack back up and ship back to them. The entire box is yours to keep and wear for as long as you want (with the monthly subscription fee of course) or you can just send them all right back and a new group will be on its way to you shortly.  Below you will see my unboxing experience via pictures and a review shortly after with my first experience!

So as for my first Rocksbox I am pleasantly surprised. I, however, wish that I would have waited till after I had gotten this first box before making my wishlist on their site. 

All my pieces here are from the wishlist I had created and therefore inhibit my ability to truly review their stylists abilities to judge based on my interests. Otherwise, I really like these minimalistic and geometric jewelry pieces. I've always had an affinity for the look and am pleased they picked them to send. The necklace is a bit short for my neck and helps me judge just what exactly the lengths are of them since the site is lacking that information. 

The site itself has a great variety of pieces from statement jewelry to even simpler pieces. You are also able to choose the type of metal you prefer if you're not so open minded to different kinds. 

I'd like it to be known that this is not a sponsored post (though I wish it was). So unfortunately I cannot offer you a discount code. The services are $19 a month but for the $10 you get to spend on jewelry each month and an unlimited amount of swapping within each month I find it to be a pretty good deal, especially if you're strapped for time like I am.

If you would like to get the full details and possibly try out their service click Here.

Painted Body

Today marks the last day of my Spring semester so I thought I'd introduce you all to a quick peak at my accessories final. 

This is a Fall/Winter 2017 small collection which was inspired by a video called Make Your Maker by Lucy McRae. It's a 10 piece collection made of leather with a watercolor painted effect. They bags are all created structurally but with the use of foam to give it a softness and lightness. I really wanted to create a collection based in my contemporary field and I feel I have achieved this. I used neutral colors with a pop of teal and silver hardware for the 20s-30s age range market. 

If you would like to see the full collection please click here.

Classic Redesign -- Accessories Edition

A couple weeks ago I let you guys in on the inspiration for my accessory design collection. The assignment was to take a classic accessory company and redesign it in your vision. For my project I picked the classic company Louis Vuitton with the inspiration of Snakes and Structure, here's a sneak peak into my completed collection. To view the full collection please go to the home page and visit the design section!

Spring Accessory Favorites

Today my focus is going to be on accessories. Accessories that I'd be likely to sport out and about for various occasions and ones that can translate well from day to night depending on your requirements. A small collection I've compiled thats very versatile and feature items I create.





Classic Companies Project

So for this semester, as I've told all of you, I'm in the accessory design class and our first project is to design a collection for a classic company. Now there wasn't much detailing to the assignment so I'm not sure how many pieces we are to be designing but I have found this to be a struggle. I am not a 'classic' designer, its not the category I identify with and it has been forcing me to think inside the box, to create for the masses rather than a selective niche market. While this has been an interesting and frustrating step I'm hoping that my inspiration and my controlled demeanor on this project will help me look from a new perspective. So while I'm still trying to keep true to myself I am creating a collection for Louis Vuitton. My inspiration actually is snakes, all snakes, their shapes and their scaly detailing. 

Some things I'm not giving up with myself is using my type of color palette, I'm creating a Fall/Winter collection and feel that it will make it easier for the public to accept my muted color palette in this form. I'm leaning more toward LV's structured bags and the detailed designs rather than the simpler bags. I don't want to overload the LV customer base and the trick for any good designer is marrying the company they work for with their own aesthetic. 

Accessory design is no easy task, it encompasses many different items and all the pieces in the collection have to fit together in a way thats dissimilar than regular fashion design. For example if you add one element to a bag it has to be present on every other bag in your collection. While this seems easy it's actually a very difficult task, you have to encompass your inspiration with detailing that will fit well in every piece. I tip my hat to every accessory designer, your jobs are not an easy one, you have to think of every piece that a woman or man would want in each collection.

So here's the start of my accessory adventure, with Louis Vuitton and Snakes, a weird combination I know but if I can pull it off I think it can be truly amazing.

The Day of Love -- Part 2

In my second part of my Valentine's series we will take a closer look at the accessories chosen for my look. For my look I went with a black peplum top with brass bead embellishments on the straps and ties, oxblood straight leg pants and a blue grey leather jacket. Because this look is casual and a little edgy I wanted to pick accessories that complimented the aesthetic.

     TortoiseFadeSunglasses: KateSpade //StuddedPurse :JuicyCouture //ProfessionalCamera: NikonDX


                           BurgundyAnkleBoots: Forever21 //FeatherHeadband: Forever21


                                                 1920sArrowNecklace: Tiffany&Co


    MixedMetalStackableRings: HannahNaomi //SideCrossRing: Etsy.Com //VintageRubyRing :Crossroads