My It Fall Make-Up Look

Happy August Lovelies!

I apologize for going MIA on all of you for awhile. Sometimes as a new blogger life and blogging can get a bit overwhelming. While I hope I may not have lost you all it was a very much needed break to recoup and figure out the direction of my coming blog posts.

This happy Tuesday I'm going to be letting you in on my back to school fall make-up choice look. If you have brown eyes (like mine), hazel or even green eyes this gold/brown/greyish etherial tones will really make your eyes pop! It's simple, neutral and really compliments every complexion. 

So the very first thing I start with is prepping my face, today I'm using a combination of MAC's Strobe Cream and Brightening Serum lightly all over my face and down my neck.


Next I will be applying my foundation. I use Bobbi Brown's Luminous Moisturizing Treatment in Sand 2. I place dime sized dollops across my nose, cheeks, chin, forehead and blend in with a slightly moistened beauty blender by making quick dabs across my face and down my neck


If you have a typical concealer I advice to use it next, if you're like me and concealers just don't work with your eye area, you can opt for using a foundation in a shade lighter. for me I use MAC BB Cream in Light Plus.


Finally I apply a light coat of powder foundation on top, I again, use MAC powder press in NC30. I apply with a kabuki brush, the one I prefer is from Ecotools. I apply making small circular motions.


Ok so on to the Eyes!! first things first is I start with a non traditional base. I will be using MAC's Eye Shadow in Rondelle. Now this is from a palette many many years ago and I feel that MAC's Vex will make an excellent substitute. It's a white, slightly shimmery color that sort of neutralizes your eye. You will blend this up to your eyebrow and in to the inner tear duct with a blending brush. My blending brush is MAC's 217.

For my lid I would be using Patina but I had an unfortunate accident as I was going to make this post and it shattered. So here I am making my own make-shift copy cat and combining Mousse and Rum Raisin from Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Palette. You would apply this entirely across your eyelid with a typical eyeshadow brush. as well as dust a bit under the eye using a fluffy brush.

I am now going to take Satin Taupe, yes the famous Satin Taupe, and with an angled brush apply it close to the lash line on the top and bottom lash line. then try and slightly smudge it out for a little extra.

So i am recreating a look that is suggested for Summer by Beautycrush on YouTube, but I had trouble understanding what she was using for the crease. She is using a cool brown that has some shimmer, but personally we have added a ton of shimmer already, and are going to be adding a bit more. So I opted out for Espresso from MAC. It's a cool brown minus the shimmer that blends nicely in with the neutral palette already set. You can also continue it under the eye as well.

Lastly! we are going to add that etherial touch I've been promising you, we are going to take MAC's Tempting and lightly dust it on top, its a goldlike super shimmery color that is to die for.

This is were I completely go away from her tutorial which is the eyeliner portion. She does a winged liner which works on some people but for my eyes personally does not. I do a simple black liner close to the lash line on top while using a dark grey to smoke out my water line on the lower lashes. stopping about halfway across my lower lash line.

From here I apply my trusty Better Than Sex mascara and move on to the rest of my face!

I highlight my cheekbones using Hourglass Luminous Light in Ambient, apply Sweet Sentiment by MAC to my cheeks for blush and apply minimal contouring using Chanel's Cream Bronzer.

For my lips I used Subculture lip liner and Angel lipstick both by MAC. Both very neutral colors which with a bold eye like this I recommend, Angel however has a pink undertone so if you have a slightly tanned complexion like me you don't completely wash out your lips.

I found the original look back over the summer as a flirty look by Samantha Maria. If you would like to use her video as a tutorial instead of what I have here you can click on her name and be brought to the original video. Below is a broken down list of the products I used.

  • Mac Strobe Cream
  • Mac Brightening Serum
  • Bobbi Brown Luminous Moisturizing Treatment - Sand 2
  • Mac BB Cream - Light Plus
  • Mac Vex Eyeshadow
  • Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Palette
  • Mac Satin Taupe Eyeshadow
  • Mac Espresso Eyeshadow
  • Mac Tempting Eyeshadow
  • Hourglass Luminous Light Highlighter - Ambient
  • Mac Subculture Lip Pencil
  • Mac Angel Frost Lipstick

Would you like to see more make-up tutorials? What is your favorite make-up product for fall? let me know in the comments below!

Wishlist #1

Hello Lovelies!

So I have seen this topic pop up a few times around the blogosphere. While I have been attempting to stir away from it, (simply because I didn't want to tempt myself!) I simply cannot hold back my dreams any longer of wanting these beautiful objects.

1. Photography Studio Lighting/Equipment | Skaeser/Amazon | /€54/$76

While I agree with many, many people that natural lighting is the best lets all be completely honest here. Sometimes natural lighting just isn't an option! wether you just ran out of time during the day for photographs, you blog at night like me, the weather isn't in your favor, etc.  So why not simply fake it? Soft boxes created an amazing glow to your photographs that create a great copy of natural lighting. Hopefully one day I can invest in this and an actual blank slate of a backdrop at one point!

2. White Marble Covers | Uniqfind | $25

So the marble craze has been popular for a bit now, I first fell in love with it when I stumbled upon an instagram photo of a girls nails. It's gorgeous, chic, and makes a great background object to liven up your photos. Plus who doesn't like a study and trendy cover for your iPad/laptop?

3. Allswell Notebook | Allswell | $21

You may be asking, Why does she want to spend $21 on a notebook? well good question lovelies! it's because this notebook is EVERYTHING. Allswell notebooks are made in America out of 100% recycled materials which appeals to the environmentalist in me. Not to mention it's a rare find to find a notebook that has a blank page and a lined page combined for me to not only sketch out what I just can't get in words but also write my blog ideas, brainstorm and just work out what I am going to share with all of you amazing people!

4. Olympus Pen | Olympus | $700

This want is harder to explain because I already have a camera, a great professional camera, but at the same time it's huge and hard to carry around all the time. This camera is gorgeous, it's more acceptable for travel, it has a great lens option and great specs. This camera is just GORGEOUS and I need it, I want it, I feel like a giddy 5 year old when I see it.

5. Geometric Terrarium | Etsy | $68

Another trendy item that I've seen in my office wish list searches. If you guys have gotten to know me a bit, you know that I love chic, modern, geometric and minimalist designs. This diamond terrarium is amazing. I can have air plants, I can create a gorgeous crystal garden, it's versatile and also a great prop for blog posts.

6. Fuji Instax Mini 8 N-White | Amazon | $69

The polaroid camera craze has come in and out a couple times in my lifetime and I have always loved them. There's something so amazing about instant gratification photographs that just print right into your hands immediately unedited and raw. Not to mention this camera is so CUTE, gah!!

7. White Wood Tray | Etsy | $79

Ridiculously over priced and in need of shopping around for a different one. I have seen bloggers use all sorts of trays as props to fill the negative space in their pictures and wanted something rustic. This specific tray has character and just love that its reclaimed wood.

What is on your summer wishlist? Let me know in the comment section below!

Rocksbox Review 2.0

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you had a safe and fun weekend! For those of you in the United States Happy belated 4th! may your weekend have been spent with friends/family and enjoying lovely fireworks! Today I wanted to review my second ever Rocksbox.

Now I had originally joined Rocksbox on a free month trial. After I had received my first box I saw a selection they had styled together that I really liked and had in fact requested hoping to use them in an OOTD post. Sadly they didn't take my request into consideration and sent me three different pieces. 

This box included the Gorjana Taner interlocking small cuff, the SLATE pearl triangle studs and the Moon & Lola Rose Hill Bangle in Gold/Black. While I like each piece individually I wish that the company would tailor each box to a complete look. These three are viable options (my favorite being the cuff) I wouldn't think to put them together. While I tried to style them together, it just wasn't working.

This Moon & Lola bangle while I initially thought was adorable is probably my least favorite in this box. While it's great for layering bracelets it's almost too simple for my liking on my wrist. I gave up the multiple bangle trend awhile ago, however if you're looking for a quick elegant simple bracelet you can find this for $56.

These SLATE studs are a simple, geometric gold mine. There are great if you have multiple piercings in your ears which allows you to layer your ears in a matter of speak. They are understated neutral beauties that are moderately priced at $44.

The final piece and by far the most expensive ($112) is the Gorjana Taner Interlocking Small Cuff. The cuff is simple with its gold plating hammered detailing, its large enough so that it can be a statement piece and can be styled through many outfits easily. My personal taste likes bracelets that can stand on their own without being ostentatious By far the best piece offered in this box.  

This box I must save was a bit of a disappointment, it's also my last rocksbox now that my trial has ended which is as equally disappointing. They are a great concept if you're like me and you don't have much time to shop. for $19/month you get as many boxes as you can handle, wear risk free for as long as you like and have the option to buy if you so choose, otherwise just pack it up and send it back with the prepaid return shipping label. However I will not be renewing, with limited funds even $19 isn't something I can afford when I'm too tempted to buy the jewelry pieces!

I'd just like to remind everyone that this is not a sponsored post, this is not an advertisement for Rocksbox and all reviews of these products are my own. 

What subscription box should I try next? Do you like review posts? let me know in the comment section below!

June Favorites 2015

Good Morning Lovelies!

So it's nearly the end of June and I thought I'd take a crack at doing a Monthly Favorites post. I haven't been acquiring very many products this month but I wanted to share with you some products and items that have been my go to this month. One maybe two you will probably remember from a previous blog post, but if they stick around that must mean they are a tried and true coveted product! When you're on a budget, you can't afford the new monthly products, so you make what you have LAST and if you can treat yourself, treat yourself well with a select item or two. So here we go with my favorites, I hope you enjoy.

Marc Jacobs-Gardenia Perfume: This perfume screams perfection to me. I don't know if many of you absolutely adore gardenia's but those white beautiful flowers to me smell heavenly. This fragrance is a few years old and was a limited offer, but it could not embody the flower any more clearer. It is soft, light, fresh and absolutely feminine.

Toni&GuyPrep Leave-In ConditionerI received this leave in conditioner in a monthly subscription box a couple months ago and hadn't really thought twice about it. I have a basket FULL of products that are waiting to be tried from two years of Glossybox supscriptions that I slowly weed through as products become needed. This product is EVERYTHING. If you have frizzy curly unmanageable hair with just the slightest breeze like me this will be your product. It doesn't weigh down your hair, it does not leave your hair feeling oily or greasy and it absolutely helps you manage your hair with ease.

MOA DetanglerThis product was recommended to me a couple weeks into June and has been a favorite ever since. I happened to pick a bottle up at TJ MAXX and it is heavenly. For as long as I can remember I've had unruly tangled hair at the end of the day and especially when I wake up, A couple spritzes of this detangler and its easy, soft and simple to brush; its basically magic. 

c. Booth Mimosa Honeysuckle Body ScrubThis has an absolutely gorgeous scent. It contains luffa fruit (exfoliates the skin), mimosa bark, honeysuckle flower extract, champagne grapes, avocado oil (softens the skin and absorbs into deep tissue) and evening primrose oil (aids in skin cell restoration and contains high percentage of GLA, gamma-linoleic acid, which is a natural fatty acid that maintains healthy skin and repairs tissue damage). The texture of this scrub is really nice and fine. It feels like really small sugar particles rubbing across your skin, rather than anything gritty or harsh. It makes my skin feel really soft afterwards and one of the best parts is it doesn’t leave a residue on the bottom of my tub. One of my biggest pet peeves with any scrub or body wash is a slippery residue. Not to mention the sent lingers on your skin for HOURS after you shower.

être belle moisturizing gelI just received this aloe-vera moisturizing gel in my last ever glossybox last week and had been super excited to receive it since they announced the inclusion in an early email. You apply it twice a day with your normal skin care routine and it is the most moisturizing thing I have ever felt. It's super hydrating, smoothing and revitalizing for the skin. Your skin's elasticity is improved and even helps tighten your skin. You will feel as soft as a baby!

Too Faced Semi-Sweet PaletteThis palette has been out for a long time, I bought it just after christmas, used it for about a month and then it sat back in my palette drawer in the restroom. I recently rediscovered and fell in love with this palette, its versatile, neutral with shimmery highlights and a couple pop colors to make it a really great palette to play with. It reinvigorated my memory of why exactly it was so coveted for christmas.

Too Faced Better Than Sex MascaraI've listed this mascara before, and I think it will come up multiple times more, but I cannot find anything wrong with this mascara. It doesn't create that horrible clumpy look with your lashes, it separates and elongates making your lashes look fuller and longer without having to use fake lashes. This is going to be a staple for the foreseeable future in my makeup bag.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish-Perfect Topping: I got this highlighter under the impression it was a new product from one of their many capsuled collections. Turns out I was very much on the bandwagon of the Soft & Gentle parade for highlighters. It creates an amazing gold undertoned highlight for a great summer glow that looks natural. I know many have moved on from this trend, but I don't mess with whats working.

MAC Lipliner-Subculture: I have yet to get my hands on the boldly bare lipliner that everyone has been coveting these past couple months, but personally I am in love with this color. It is a great nude coloring with some soft pink tones that you can wear either by itself or with a lipstick. You can through on a clear gloss and have a great pouty lip look to die for.

MAC Lipstick - Mellow Mood: This lipstick color is similar to MAC Viva V with more pink and less glitter. This gorgeous pink nude with a small hint of shimmer applies super easy and lasts a little longer than some of the other lustre lipsticks. If you're looking for a great nudish color that doesn't wash you out, you can still find some on Ebay or even get the similar Viva V that they still offer year round.

Outlander: So I thought I'd include a book/tv series I have recently fell in love with. I may be last one on the planet who has fallen in love with this series but I cannot get enough. This series follows the main character Claire Randall, a 1945 ex combat nurse who falls into an incredible journey making her live a double life. Claire is hurled back in time by forces unknown to 1743 Ireland. I am really not doing this book justice, its sultry, well written, wry, dramatic, passionate, it's really everything you could want in a book series and more. This book had my emotions in a constant tailspin and it is absolutely worth a read.

Jurassic World: So I have to say my all time favorite movie this month was Jurassic World. Growing up Jurassic Park had to have been one of my favorite movies and left me in wonder with all the special effects. With Lost World and Jurassic Park 3 I was not the happiest with the sequels. Jurassic World was the sequel that Jurassic Park absolutely deserved. The movie flowed and took you through the experience as if you were visiting the park, from packing to the plane ride to some of the amazing special effects of the attractions they held introducing you to new dinosaurs as well as a hybrid creation that will not disappoint. If you were a fan of the original movie you will be pleased with the tribute and the easter eggs left in this movie and will leave with a smile. If you have never seen Jurassic Park or any of its sequels, I still suggest seeing this movie, it's fun, will keep you on your seats and how could you pass up a chance to watch Chris Pratt?

Healthy Living Challenge Update:

Today starts week two of the #careergirlchallenge, I hope everyone who is following along with me is doing great! I know it can be challenging, I know it can be stressful especially if you're on a budget or you don't have anyone around you doing the challenge as well but I am here with you! I check my emails constantly, I check my blog here constantly, feel free to comment or email, motivation and a friend is only a click away. As promised, here's the meal plan for week two.

What were your June Favorites? What products do you recommend for summer? Let me know in the comments below!

It's all about the Tea

Hello Lovelies!

Today happens to be a day of updates, and a couple tea recipes I stumbled upon on Wanderlust that are absolutely phenomenal, beneficial to your health and falls wonderfully into my new healthy lifestyle I'm developing thanks to the #careergirlchallenge!

Keeping up with the diet and the exercises is a bit harder than I thought. The first couple days was the easiest but when we hit the need to do a 20 minute run (turned into a 20 minute fast walk) and the 50 burpees (which I had to look up) that was the worst for me. I was never much of an exercise girl. I would go to the gym but never do more than use the treadmill or the stepper for an hour. I have made adjustments to the diet plan, I don't have a taste for fish so I substituted with plain chicken which I think is a nice alternative. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with this, I'm a picky eater but I'm hopeful!


img src: Wanderlust

img src: Wanderlust

Black Cherry Iced Tea

When you eat cherries you are enjoying more than an amazing summer treat. They're packed with antioxidants and offer many health benefits including help with insomnia, joint pains and belly fat. Containing flavonoids and procyanidin they can help guard neuronal cells, reducing oxidant stress and fighting dementia. They help with warding off cancer, combat hypertension and strokes, discourage diabetes, fight cardiovascular disease and even helps battle jet lag. It's truly a summer drink worthy of celebrating.


4 cups brewed green tea
1 cup tart cherry juice
1 cup frozen, pitted cherries
2 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp agave (or sub for a few drops of raw stevia)
1 tsp coriander
1 tsp vanilla
Lemon wedges and frozen cherries, for garnish


Add all of the ingredients (minus the garnishes) to a blender and purée until combined. Serve with sliced lemon wedges and frozen cherries over ice. Serves 2-3 people

img src: Wanderlust

img src: Wanderlust

Dandelion and Pineapple Iced Tea

Dandelion tea has a really earthy, sweet flavor while providing a vast array of health benefits, making it a great start to an iced tea. The weed-like superfoods act as a diuretic, and helps maintain kidney health by clearing out excess water, salt and waste. Adding the Lime and Pineapple really balances out the earthy tastes creating a great refresher for those hot summer nights.


4 cups of hot water
3 dandelion tea bags (I use the vanilla variety)
Juice of 2-3 limes
1 cup of pineapple juice
Honey to taste
Fresh pineapple and limes, to garnish


Heat the water in a large kettle or pot until boiling. Remove the water from the heat, and add the teabags. Allow to steep for about five minutes. Cool for one hour.

Add the lime and pineapple juices and honey, if desired. Stir to incorporate. Serve over ice and garnish with lime wedges and pineapple Serves 2-3

img src: Wanderlust

img src: Wanderlust

Indian Mango Iced Tea

We all know India is known for their tea. While summer is a little to hot for a warm cup of Chair or darjeeling, this alternative version has all the consistency of chai but with the freshness of summer. Made with a mango purée it creates a silky and juicy iced tea for a perfect summer afternoon. Mangos are an absolute nutritional powerhouse and can aid in fighting cancer, alkalizing the body, regulating digestion, and strengthening the immune system. The benefits don't stop there! Mangos also possess glutamine acid, which helps to increase concentration and vitamin E which can help regulate the sex hormones and boost the libido. 


2 medium sized mangoes
4 cups brewed black tea (I used a brand infused with lemon)
3/4 tbsp lemon juice
Organic unrefined cane sugar, agave, or stevia to taste
Mint leaves to garnish


Peel and chop the mangoes. Add them to a blender and purée until smooth. Add the black tea, lemon juice, and sugar then blend again. Serve in tall glasses with ice and garnish with mint if desired. Serves 2-3

Keeping up with a Corset


I've been neglecting my corset a bit more than I would like. I decided the best way to help create the overbust I want was to cut out the front pattern pieces and use muslin to drape on the form. What you do is cut out the basic shape but leave a lot of excess fabric on the top of the corset, pin the seam allowance together and then place on the grain line on your dress form. From here I proceed to shape the bust and use a colored pencil to draw out the desired effect. I can then take these pieces back to my original draft and make my adjustments.

I am still working on making all the necessary adjustments before I can even start to make the pattern pieces. I've had to raise the corset heigh significantly to meet the demand of what I want. From this point it's just needed to finish raising the height of the corset, make the pattern pieces and then create a mockup. My main concern is the shape of the back panels and the sides, I want it to be comfortable under the arm but still flow nicely. The back is supposed to be raise with a curve but I have a feeling that won't work with this corset it may look to awkward. Here's hoping I can get further along to have more to show you guys.

Please comment below what you do to get ready for summer and what your favorite summer snack is!