Fashion Inspiration

Going Primal

This past year was quite a turbulent one for me, and it seemed to be for the world also! I think I just had this overall feeling to escape and live off the land, I visualized a group of girls with a whole lot of passion and fearlessness and absolutely nothing to lose. They would beg, borrow, steal their way through countries, hypnotizing boys and working odd jobs to make a little money. Their lives were only for each other and themselves. This is what sparked my latest project, Going Primal (working title). I really wanted to explore the term nomad and bring my own interpretation to a modern contemporary aspect. This is what brought me to the evolution of the human body, the skeletal structure and how science has perceived our ever evolving form. 

I found you can really get beautiful shapes following the basic structure of all our beings. Beautiful curves, structure and textures. I wanted to dive deeper into this, past just the skeletal aspect,to animals during the various periods of neanderthal and cro-magnun man. I.e. the wooly mammoth or the saber tooth; you can really expand out fabric options and manipulation ideas. You are able to find more unique and interesting texturing and detailing. To bring this concept to a more modern take I've also intertwined this research with images of accessory designer Ana Rajcevic's work. Ana creates very unique pieces that are just captivating to look at all on their own. 

While still in the beginning stages, I'm leaning toward incorporating a knitwear element to this small collection for Spring 2016. I'm really excited to see what I can find in sourcing materials and fleshing out my designs based on this inspiration.