5 Favorite Youtubers

Hi Lovelies!

with it being a very crazy time in my life right now preparing for my Senior Collection, doggy parenting responsibilities, getting organized and planning my mothers birthday I haven't had the most time to prep for this blog. While no excuses are acceptable I still really wanted to get a blog post out to you and keep things consistent.

I don't know about you, but when I can't sleep at night I tend to find myself on YouTube. I could literally spend hours getting lost through all the content, which is when it hit me, why not share my current top five favorite youtubers? So in absolutely no particular order here is who I am currently watching and loving.

1.) Jenna Marbles

What is there to possibly say about this girl? I first discovered Jenna Marbles about three years ago and can honestly say I have seen every single video she has posted at least twenty times. She's crazy in the absolute best sense of the word. Funny, energetic, personable and just generally a very likable person. If you love sarcasm, general craziness and silliness she will absolutely brighten your worst day, definitely check her out here.

2.) Shane Dawson

Another very popular Youtuber, Shane gets a lot of heat on the internet and I will be one of those people who sticks up for him. He's a generally good natured and caring guy, who just happens to be sarcastic and makes fun of himself a lot. He's truly funny and can see how much he cares when you watch videos from his friends or even just from when he was on tour for his book. I obviously don't know him personally but have heard his story, read his book and he has really put himself out there. He's come a long way and deserves recognition for that. Also, if you're like me and just enjoy sarcastic banter, you'll love his videos.


Ok, so I can't be a fashion/lifestyle blogger without having at least ONE beauty/fashion youtuber on here. I have been watching Beautycrush for SUCH a long time. She has actually been the first youtuber I watched religiously, I love her style, her hair matches mine in type and I always get ideas of what products to try and hairstyle options. I love her style, she has great make up tips. Just give her a watch if you like a somewhat rocker chic vibe. Click here to check her out.

4.) Ginsmakeup

I actually first discovered Ginsmakeup on IG, falling in love with her flawless make up looks and her gorgeous hair color changes. It took me till about last month to realize she made tutorials for her looks instead of me having to pick apart the images trying to imagine how she made the looks. I am no make-up genius, but she has made me look it! I of course find alternatives to the exact makeup she uses, but if you are looking for some inspiration or help on a makeup look check her out here!

5.) Julien Solomita

So Julien is someone I've been following for about a year now. I first admittedly checked him out because he's appeared in Jenna Marbles videos and their chemistry was amazingly fun. He makes vlogs which isn't always my cup of tea but it's interesting to get a look into whats behind the YouTube curtain. Some of my favorite videos of his is J&J kitchen because they have such great recipes dealing with vegan foods and gluten free amazingness that are so worth a try and make your mouth water, and his videos about his dog Peach who is just so adorable you'll melt. I've also found I even enjoy the videos about their PO Box opening, seeing how much they appreciate all the gifts they receive is fantastic. Check him out here!

I hope you enjoyed my quick blog about my favorite youtubers and got a closer look into what I like, what my personality craves when it comes to youtube entertainment and just know this is seriously a small clip into the mass amount of youtubers I've subscribed to. Have a safe and fun weekend Lovelies!

Would you like see more blog posts like this? Let me know who your favorite youtubers are in the comment section below!