Hunt for your Life

Today one of my dearest friends hit her 25 year mark, her daughter, is also going to be turning 5 this year. It's crazy to think that its been two years since I've seen them last, let alone 12 years since we've lived in the same state. As we talked briefly today I began to reflect on where are lives have led us, how we've gone in such different directions but always with the same motivation, that need to better and change our lives.  It’s a reminder for me to start “hunting” for what I really need. A lot of this past month has been all about adjusting and going after what’s next. 

I recently began an ever long pursuit for a job in the costume design field in LA and this blog has also continued to grow. I’ve fallen in love with new things and I feel like I’m always on the “hunt” for things that might make my life better. Although, sometimes I notice that what I really need to is minimize.


This weekend, I got to really spend time with my friend and really talk, she told me about her plans of moving and downsizing her life from all the additives, all the extra stuff and solely focusing on her daughter. I felt like I was telling her the complete opposite with my future plans. It’s funny how when you’re 25, like me, you begin to think about settling down, buying a house, getting a new car and owning all of this “stuff.” Some of us hunt after this in our mid-20s and it’s normal. Everyday we grow, we are focusing on either our careers, our personal life or our health. It’s a constant hunt on really finding what we want in life.

So, as everyone goes and “hunts” after their Easter eggs today. I’ll be sitting here pretending each egg is a symbol of a value we need in life. How many eggs will you be hunting for?

Happy easter,