Classic Companies Project

So for this semester, as I've told all of you, I'm in the accessory design class and our first project is to design a collection for a classic company. Now there wasn't much detailing to the assignment so I'm not sure how many pieces we are to be designing but I have found this to be a struggle. I am not a 'classic' designer, its not the category I identify with and it has been forcing me to think inside the box, to create for the masses rather than a selective niche market. While this has been an interesting and frustrating step I'm hoping that my inspiration and my controlled demeanor on this project will help me look from a new perspective. So while I'm still trying to keep true to myself I am creating a collection for Louis Vuitton. My inspiration actually is snakes, all snakes, their shapes and their scaly detailing. 

Some things I'm not giving up with myself is using my type of color palette, I'm creating a Fall/Winter collection and feel that it will make it easier for the public to accept my muted color palette in this form. I'm leaning more toward LV's structured bags and the detailed designs rather than the simpler bags. I don't want to overload the LV customer base and the trick for any good designer is marrying the company they work for with their own aesthetic. 

Accessory design is no easy task, it encompasses many different items and all the pieces in the collection have to fit together in a way thats dissimilar than regular fashion design. For example if you add one element to a bag it has to be present on every other bag in your collection. While this seems easy it's actually a very difficult task, you have to encompass your inspiration with detailing that will fit well in every piece. I tip my hat to every accessory designer, your jobs are not an easy one, you have to think of every piece that a woman or man would want in each collection.

So here's the start of my accessory adventure, with Louis Vuitton and Snakes, a weird combination I know but if I can pull it off I think it can be truly amazing.