What's in my bag?

After much debate with myself on wether I should do this, I decided to contribute to the 'Whats in my bag?' group of blog posts tons of fashion bloggers have done before. Why you may ask? After seeing a few videos and blog posts on this particular topic I've discovered new items I wanted to acquire for my own purse, learned what I need and don't need and feel that with each new blog you slowly begin to tailor your bag to exactly the essentials you think you need.









It may seem like a lot of items but I've always liked to be prepared, this amount of items varies depending on how long I will be out and where I am going but on a typical day I carry this, plus hair ties, a few q-tips and a good compact. You may not personally need so many items, but for a 12 hour school day or a day of errands this is my list of essentials.