Christmas Haul

Hello Lovelies!

The year is nearly at an end and as I promised for this beautifully rainy morning I will be sharing with you what I received for Christmas this year from family and friends. I just wanted to start off by saying how truly blessed I am for those I have in my life and for how fortunate I have been. I wanted to repeat that this is in no way a "bragging" post and would love to hear how you spent the holidays and what your favorite present was this year wether it be a physical tangible thing you can hold in your hands or something emotional, a trip, anything because its all special. 

Without further ado lets get into the haul shall we?

What we see here is a little bit of everything across the spectrum from room decor to make-up and fashion! I'm really excited about it.

The larger items here are just things I've been needing to get as well as a couple luxury products to feed my video game side. These two games I've played the earlier series and am so glad to keep following the plot lines. For those who also love video games these two immersive story lines are great and a high recommend from me. Asassin's Creed Syndicate and Fallout 4, check them out!

Also a quick mention is the mattress pad which makes all the difference in the softness of your bed if you are like me and like the softer comfier way of sleeping instead of a more stiff mattress. Some Gold colored and black cotton sheets to round off my obsessive need to coordinate the sheets to my room decor and wall colors.

I wanted to start with one of the bigger items I received as a gift from one of my dearest friends. She was so beyond generous to not only be coming for a visit but had purchased me the AMAZING Crosley record player in Mint, it is so adorable and retro that I am just in love. This record player gets a lot of mixed reviews, so far I haven't had any problems playing older records or newer records, you do have to fiddle with the settings to make sure its for the correct type of record you want to listen to, but for a portable record player it has great sound. It comes in many colors and variations, you can find them here.

Since I had this new amazing record player, what do you need? records of course! So while I still await my trip to go to a used record store, I had bought myself the Halsey Badlands album which has become my chill and read go to background noise.

I have been really obsessing over candles this fall/winter. I love my room or office filling with calming and soft scents. Because of this I received this really cute Candle holder that reminds me of the succulent plant atriums I have been lusting after. Along with this candle holder I got this amazing smelling candle, both from Anthropolgie. They are currently sold out of mine which is the Oasis Blossom, but honestly any of the scents are just heavenly. Find the candle here and the holder here.

Also pictured here we have Fresh Sparkling Snow from Bath and Body Works and the smell is absolutely heavenly, feminine and light. Not to mention that the body mist lasts which I am so glad because I had been needing a good sent for winter and leading into Spring. It's so fresh with an undertone of fruit smell that its great for a transition.

I've been transitioning through different make up lately. I normally have always been MAC obsessed and using make foundation products. However after a lot of youtube make up videos and reviews I did my own research and really wanted to try the Becca Foundation, primer and liquid highlighter. I have such generous people in my life that I was blessed with all three and I am so glad I made the switch in products! The foundation which I use in the color Nude, is so easy to apply and lightweight I forget I'm even wearing make up. I actually pump my foundation and the backlight priming filter on the back of my hand and blend them together applying both at the same time and get the best effect of a natural glow. The highlighter, which I got in Moonstone is nice, I personally after trying prefer the powder just because the highlighter needs a few moments to dry otherwise you run the risk of wiping it off with your hand but it also applies and blends a bit smoother with the liquid foundation. All three can be found at simply just search the names.

Lastly from this photograph is my new leather gloves from Kate Spade which are so soft and warm! The leather is like butter and do not feel that thick but they definitely do the job. They are simple and chic and great to brace the cold in the city. Found similar ones here.

Talking about candles, here we have Winter from Bath and Body Works which is a nice christmasy sent that I'll admit to probably carrying past the winter season. It smells to me just like snow falling, which for me is a combination of that just after rain smell and pine trees. The lower candle I absolutely love the alternative shape to it, sort of off balanced circle, in Night Storm which is from Urban Outfitters. It's the more dominating smell of the two candles pictured here. It is described as fresh blood orange, sugared lemon and white tea. It is part of their Boho candle collection and could be found with many other options here.

This Starbucks mug is absolutely everything. I had lusted after it since it was released in November but couldn't justify to myself buying myself yet another mug. Low and behold after sulking when it was sold out I was served my hot cocoa in this beautiful mug and I was a happy camper all over again. While it is sold out, if you are in love with this mug as much as I am there are still some floating around on ebay.

We also have here a couple more make up items. There is the Make Up Forever primer which I've tried for my under eyes and t-zone area just to even out my skin and it works great as a base and will be investing in a larger size. Next is the NYX dark circle concealer, I have yet to try it out just yet but have read some great reviews on the product. Lastly but certainly not least in the slightest is the Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Damned. It is the perfect color for winter if you are looking to sport a bold deep red lip.

Finally for my penguin obsession I got some treats that are penguiny. My penguin sugar cookie as well as penguin gummies that taste like peach rings and deliciousness which will probably be gone by January. Here also is a silver penguin potpourri holder which will be going on my desk and a great addition to my office redecoration project.

I've fallen into the Lush love and must say these products have done wonders for my skin. I recieved the Dark Angels charcoal cleanser, the Herbalism cleanser, D'Fluff shaving cream and the O'Honey face mask. They all smell heavenly and the all vegetarian products plus the recycle program are great incentives. If you have sensitive skin, I recommend this company.

Down to the final three items, This burgundy bowler hat is so cute and matches a pair of shoes that I've been dying to wear. I don't own many hats that aren't black, and to receive this one is making me a believer in deviating outside your comfort zone.

This headband from Anthropolgie is absolutely adorable. It has that wrapped turban look that fulfills my boho fantasies with such beautiful beadwork, I'm already planning my outfits for these accessories.

Lastly but certainly not least is my knee high socks. I know some of you are going to be confused why I'm so excited by socks, I know when I wasyounger they weren't my most treasured present, but trust me, socks can be amazing, especially when you like to run around the house in pjs and don't want slippers.

Ok guys I know this was a long one but I hope you enjoyed my Christmas Haul! Let me know if you want me to keep doing these types of posts and also let me know what you got for Christmas!

My It Fall Make-Up Look

Happy August Lovelies!

I apologize for going MIA on all of you for awhile. Sometimes as a new blogger life and blogging can get a bit overwhelming. While I hope I may not have lost you all it was a very much needed break to recoup and figure out the direction of my coming blog posts.

This happy Tuesday I'm going to be letting you in on my back to school fall make-up choice look. If you have brown eyes (like mine), hazel or even green eyes this gold/brown/greyish etherial tones will really make your eyes pop! It's simple, neutral and really compliments every complexion. 

So the very first thing I start with is prepping my face, today I'm using a combination of MAC's Strobe Cream and Brightening Serum lightly all over my face and down my neck.


Next I will be applying my foundation. I use Bobbi Brown's Luminous Moisturizing Treatment in Sand 2. I place dime sized dollops across my nose, cheeks, chin, forehead and blend in with a slightly moistened beauty blender by making quick dabs across my face and down my neck


If you have a typical concealer I advice to use it next, if you're like me and concealers just don't work with your eye area, you can opt for using a foundation in a shade lighter. for me I use MAC BB Cream in Light Plus.


Finally I apply a light coat of powder foundation on top, I again, use MAC powder press in NC30. I apply with a kabuki brush, the one I prefer is from Ecotools. I apply making small circular motions.


Ok so on to the Eyes!! first things first is I start with a non traditional base. I will be using MAC's Eye Shadow in Rondelle. Now this is from a palette many many years ago and I feel that MAC's Vex will make an excellent substitute. It's a white, slightly shimmery color that sort of neutralizes your eye. You will blend this up to your eyebrow and in to the inner tear duct with a blending brush. My blending brush is MAC's 217.

For my lid I would be using Patina but I had an unfortunate accident as I was going to make this post and it shattered. So here I am making my own make-shift copy cat and combining Mousse and Rum Raisin from Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Palette. You would apply this entirely across your eyelid with a typical eyeshadow brush. as well as dust a bit under the eye using a fluffy brush.

I am now going to take Satin Taupe, yes the famous Satin Taupe, and with an angled brush apply it close to the lash line on the top and bottom lash line. then try and slightly smudge it out for a little extra.

So i am recreating a look that is suggested for Summer by Beautycrush on YouTube, but I had trouble understanding what she was using for the crease. She is using a cool brown that has some shimmer, but personally we have added a ton of shimmer already, and are going to be adding a bit more. So I opted out for Espresso from MAC. It's a cool brown minus the shimmer that blends nicely in with the neutral palette already set. You can also continue it under the eye as well.

Lastly! we are going to add that etherial touch I've been promising you, we are going to take MAC's Tempting and lightly dust it on top, its a goldlike super shimmery color that is to die for.

This is were I completely go away from her tutorial which is the eyeliner portion. She does a winged liner which works on some people but for my eyes personally does not. I do a simple black liner close to the lash line on top while using a dark grey to smoke out my water line on the lower lashes. stopping about halfway across my lower lash line.

From here I apply my trusty Better Than Sex mascara and move on to the rest of my face!

I highlight my cheekbones using Hourglass Luminous Light in Ambient, apply Sweet Sentiment by MAC to my cheeks for blush and apply minimal contouring using Chanel's Cream Bronzer.

For my lips I used Subculture lip liner and Angel lipstick both by MAC. Both very neutral colors which with a bold eye like this I recommend, Angel however has a pink undertone so if you have a slightly tanned complexion like me you don't completely wash out your lips.

I found the original look back over the summer as a flirty look by Samantha Maria. If you would like to use her video as a tutorial instead of what I have here you can click on her name and be brought to the original video. Below is a broken down list of the products I used.

  • Mac Strobe Cream
  • Mac Brightening Serum
  • Bobbi Brown Luminous Moisturizing Treatment - Sand 2
  • Mac BB Cream - Light Plus
  • Mac Vex Eyeshadow
  • Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Palette
  • Mac Satin Taupe Eyeshadow
  • Mac Espresso Eyeshadow
  • Mac Tempting Eyeshadow
  • Hourglass Luminous Light Highlighter - Ambient
  • Mac Subculture Lip Pencil
  • Mac Angel Frost Lipstick

Would you like to see more make-up tutorials? What is your favorite make-up product for fall? let me know in the comments below!

[16] OOTD

Hello Lovelies!

Morning on another Wednesday and if you're familiar with my blog you know its my Outfit of the Day post. I wanted to apologize for the quality of the picture I didn't get time to shoot till late last night when I plan my outfits. The top is a lace batwing style with a small peplum. It's hard to tell but the "sleeves" are actually really sheer and is amazing. It is sort of like a crop top which I think works so great with a pencil skirt. 



s there any outfit ideas you'd like me to try and style? any events or themes? let me know below!

Travel Checklist - Pet Edition

Good Morning Lovelies!

I wanted to do a follow up from last Monday on traveling, specifically on our furry little friends! Most of us have pets, they are a staple in most families and provide us with never ending laughs, love and good memories who make the best road trip companions. So just like you have essentials, your furry baby has some essentials that you should not forget when heading out on that road trip. Below you'll find a quick list of times to pack your furry companion before you hit the road!

1. Vaccination Records

You should always keep a copy of your baby's vaccination records in your furry loves duffle bag. Just incase that emergency does arise once you're on the road you will have the important info you desperately need. You will also need these records if you ever need to board your buddy for the day or overnight if you end up taking an excursion that furry buddies aren't allowed to partake in. It's also good to check ahead if their are any additional vaccination requirements for any countries you may be visiting. You don't want to show up and have your bud be denied entry (or worse) because you don't have the records.

2. Collar & Leash

Mainly applying to the furry butt dog owners, we always need to remember that taking our pups out of the car for bathroom breaks must include a secured collar and being leashed. When you're out on the road you're bringing your pup into foreign territory which means new smells for your adventurer to discover that are oh so hard to resist. We'd better be safe than sorry no matter how well your explorer is trained.

3. Tags


This goes hand in hand with having a collar and leash. You will never want your furry friend to get lost, and they would never want to lose you! But accidents do happen. So be sure that he has a current tag on a collar/harness or both with a current emergency number. Most people travel with a cell phone, making this the perfect number for your baby's tags.

4. First Aid Kit

Something to consider to be permanently in your car, just like you the furry ones can get hurt as well. Today there are a number of pet only emergency kits in the market and if you happen to have the time, you can even put together your own catered to your pets needs. Some basic essentials to include are: tweezers to remove ticks and foreign objects, stypic powder to stop toenail bleeding, eye wash to flush wounds, gauze bandages, adhesive tape, scissors and antiseptic moist wipes.

5. Food & Water

Be sure to bring your furry companion their favorite food so as not to upset their stomach. If you have the spending money you can also get road-worthy food and treats that also take up less space if this is an issue. If you are one of the people who like to cook for your pet remember to make the food ahead of time and pack along with any goodies for yourself. Remember, your pet is used to the water from your hometown, when travelling its a good idea to bring along as much of your home drinking water as you can for their comfort. If push comes to shove you can rely on bottled water as a safe back-up.

6. Seat Covers & Blankets

Vacations are suppose to be fun! But sometimes with fun comes muddy paws and soaked through fur which we all know cleaning up is not fun. Protect your seats with covers and blankets that are made specifically for your type of auto. You'll want to be proactive: don't forget to always carry some additional towels and wipes to clean off that muddy adventurer.

7. Safety Restraints

Something I learned recently is that some states seat belts are now mandatory for your pup. Then when you sit and really think about your best friend as a projectile from being free in your car in case of an accident, you begin to understand the wisdom of securing your baby to keep both of you safe. Do your research and pick the best option for you and your friend to have a safe and fun ride.

                                                                                               8. Bed & Crate

You can't leave home without your furry companions favorite blankie and bed! You wouldn't want him sleeping on the guest bed..or maybe you actually would? Also bring some sheets, too, so if your fuzzy butt is accustomed to sleeping on the furniture he won't leave a scruff of a sign behind. If like my pup your pet is crate trained and has his own little den then you may just want to bring that along for his security and good night sleeps.

9. Fun Stuff

Who could forget toys!! If you have a nervous nelly as a pet when they stay away from home, you can help ease their discomfort by bringing as many toys as that little guy could stand. The familiar smells, his favorite chew toy, will help calm even the most anxious of pets in a strange place.

10. Double-Check Hotel Reservations

So you have everything packed, you're settled, the furry baby is ready and excited to go and you're just about ready to hop in that car and hit the road. Stop, call your hotel/s and confirm your reservation/s for you and the furry buddy. Nothing can kill a trip more like a newly implemented "no pets allowed" policy added since you made your reservation that went unchecked.

I hope you find the list helpful with your furry travels, what type of pet do you have and what can they not live without while traveling?

5 Favorite Youtubers

Hi Lovelies!

with it being a very crazy time in my life right now preparing for my Senior Collection, doggy parenting responsibilities, getting organized and planning my mothers birthday I haven't had the most time to prep for this blog. While no excuses are acceptable I still really wanted to get a blog post out to you and keep things consistent.

I don't know about you, but when I can't sleep at night I tend to find myself on YouTube. I could literally spend hours getting lost through all the content, which is when it hit me, why not share my current top five favorite youtubers? So in absolutely no particular order here is who I am currently watching and loving.

1.) Jenna Marbles

What is there to possibly say about this girl? I first discovered Jenna Marbles about three years ago and can honestly say I have seen every single video she has posted at least twenty times. She's crazy in the absolute best sense of the word. Funny, energetic, personable and just generally a very likable person. If you love sarcasm, general craziness and silliness she will absolutely brighten your worst day, definitely check her out here.

2.) Shane Dawson

Another very popular Youtuber, Shane gets a lot of heat on the internet and I will be one of those people who sticks up for him. He's a generally good natured and caring guy, who just happens to be sarcastic and makes fun of himself a lot. He's truly funny and can see how much he cares when you watch videos from his friends or even just from when he was on tour for his book. I obviously don't know him personally but have heard his story, read his book and he has really put himself out there. He's come a long way and deserves recognition for that. Also, if you're like me and just enjoy sarcastic banter, you'll love his videos.


Ok, so I can't be a fashion/lifestyle blogger without having at least ONE beauty/fashion youtuber on here. I have been watching Beautycrush for SUCH a long time. She has actually been the first youtuber I watched religiously, I love her style, her hair matches mine in type and I always get ideas of what products to try and hairstyle options. I love her style, she has great make up tips. Just give her a watch if you like a somewhat rocker chic vibe. Click here to check her out.

4.) Ginsmakeup

I actually first discovered Ginsmakeup on IG, falling in love with her flawless make up looks and her gorgeous hair color changes. It took me till about last month to realize she made tutorials for her looks instead of me having to pick apart the images trying to imagine how she made the looks. I am no make-up genius, but she has made me look it! I of course find alternatives to the exact makeup she uses, but if you are looking for some inspiration or help on a makeup look check her out here!

5.) Julien Solomita

So Julien is someone I've been following for about a year now. I first admittedly checked him out because he's appeared in Jenna Marbles videos and their chemistry was amazingly fun. He makes vlogs which isn't always my cup of tea but it's interesting to get a look into whats behind the YouTube curtain. Some of my favorite videos of his is J&J kitchen because they have such great recipes dealing with vegan foods and gluten free amazingness that are so worth a try and make your mouth water, and his videos about his dog Peach who is just so adorable you'll melt. I've also found I even enjoy the videos about their PO Box opening, seeing how much they appreciate all the gifts they receive is fantastic. Check him out here!

I hope you enjoyed my quick blog about my favorite youtubers and got a closer look into what I like, what my personality craves when it comes to youtube entertainment and just know this is seriously a small clip into the mass amount of youtubers I've subscribed to. Have a safe and fun weekend Lovelies!

Would you like see more blog posts like this? Let me know who your favorite youtubers are in the comment section below!

[15] OOTD

Hello Lovelies!

So we got a random cold front in the lovely bay area and wanting to dress for the chance of the cold weather but still be able to be cool if its hot I had a bit of a dilemma with picking an outfit. I decided on this simple outfit, feeling it was a nice compromise between the two while still looking chic and presentable. 



Let me know what your ideal outfit would be for your first day at school/work in the comment section below!

What to Bring in Your Carry-On Bag

It's the traveling season. Wether you have been traveling non-stop this summer, you've been visiting college campuses, going home, or breaking in that last minute trip before a new semester starts. Wherever or for whatever reason you're traveling it's always essential to be prepared. While I may not have always practiced this tactic I have found myself many a-time rushing to throw everything into a bag and rush to leave, making me ALWAYS forget that one essential item I overlooked on my coffee table.

Now we all know the most obvious preparation for travel is packing, but like I said I can just never seem to get it right! if its a weekend trip or a two week cross country plane trip to visit a dear friend I just never seem to do it right. So, to save myself future dilemma and all you lovelies I decided to share with you one of my newly created lists to aid you in preparation!

The Chic Life Carry-On Essentials:

1.) a durable, lightweight, fashionable (duh) backpack, duffle or tote bag| I love this Warhol duffle because its comfortable, lightweight, a bit artsy and doesn't make me look too nerdy while being fashionably versatile and fit a lot of items.

2.) A backup outfit| A lot can happen when you're traveling, especially lost luggage. It's something we all dread and pray that it will NEVER happen, but just in case it does you'll be thankful for the backup outfit complete with shoes. (tip: pack all undergarments in your carry-on as well so you'll never be out of a clean pair)

3.) Makeup, Deodorant, toothpaste & toothbrush| keep you feeling refreshed and looking good during your travels

4.) Headphones, iPhone, iPad & a book| to keep you entertained and to keep you connected wherever your travels may take you.

5.) Sunglasses and a hat| to protect that beautiful face from the sun! this is a must to sunny destinations.

6.) Watch| a smart accessory to keep you on time when your phone dies -- We've all been there! this is so helpful and chic

7.) Camera| While in todays tech age this may seem silly but trust me, save your phone batteries and use an actual camera! I like the InstaxMini so you can print the memories as you go! plus you never know when the moment will rise to give a cute reminder with your number to that cute guy you don't want to forget ;)

8.) Itinerary| for all those you love in need to know of your travel plans and to help keep you organized

9.) Passport, Wallet Credit Cards, local currency| essential for wherever your travels take you, these are absolutes you should always have at all times.

10.) Chargers, chargers & chargers| lets face it, we all have gadgets, we all have multiple gadgets and these electronic devices we covet with out life dependencies require battery operational life. Don't let it go to chance and put it in your carry-on, scared they may get crushed? try winding those wires into a sunglass case for protection.

Did I miss anything? let me know one of your carry on essentials that I may have missed below!